Yoko Yamada

Tokyo, Japan

Clinical case description:

Patient information

The patient is a 57 years old male.

He came to my clinic with his main complain of fractured lateral incisor and he wanted to implant there.


During surgery

Reverse trapezial bone block was harvested taking 2mm from nasal floor and neighboring teething Implant was placed with the primary stability of 30 Ncm.

Next, I fix the bone block with bone screw to stabilize.I placed crashed bone around the bone block


After surgery

Four months after the operation, I installed the final prosthetic appliance.

You can compare the difference of cervical line of lateral incisors. Now they are now harmonized. Also, I adjusted the incisal edge of bilateral central incisors. it seems likely there will be a very natural and aesthetic recovery.

<p>Pre-surgery image</p>

Pre-surgery image

<p>Surgical pictures using biomaterials</p>

Surgical pictures using biomaterials

<p>outcome image</p>

outcome image

<p>Follow-up after 3years</p>

Follow-up after 3years


							<p>Pre-surgery image</p>


							<p>Surgical pictures using biomaterials</p>


							<p>outcome image</p>

Follow-up after at least 6 months

							<p>Follow-up after 3years</p>