Team Urban Dr.Shimada and Dr.Mizuguchi

Saitama, Japan

Clinical case description:

This is a case where dentition irregularity 2_|_2 in the past was prosthetized with metal bond ceramics.

However according to the relationship of the upper and lower jaw, there are root canal cysts that developed in the apex, because an excessive occlusal force that was applied. Also an excessive hypertrophy of bone was seen in the median.

Initially I was trying to extract 2_1_| and scheduled to perform the bridge for 3_|_3, but due to median bone hypertrophy, it was difficult to perform the aesthetic prosthesis.

So I had to perform root tooth excision of 2 _ |, tooth extraction of 1 _ | _ 1, bone reshaping and implant implantation. Then for recovery of the thin bone width due to the Cyst, I used Bios S after sterilizing with Erbium Yag laser.

The collected autologous bone and blood were mixed, covered with a membrane and aesthetic restoration of gingiva was attempted by suspensory sling suture by using the prepared provisional in advance.